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The Amersham Martyrs Community Play 2011

Calling all am-dram enthusiasts. Auditions for speaking parts in the current production of the Amersham Martyrs Community Play will take place on Tuesday 2 November and again two days later on Thursday 4 November at 8pm, in Old Amersham’s Market Hall. There are still opportunities for anyone who would like to become involved in what promises to be one of south Buckinghamshire’s spectacular entertainment highlights of 2011.

Those who do not fancy learning lines but would like to take part in other ways, there are many other roles to fill. The play includes medieval street scenes and the actual re-creation of Amersham market in 1511, which calls for actors to play sixteenth century residents dressed in medieval costumes. It is as much fun as it sounds.

The back-stage crew can find work for anyone who fancies helping behind the scenes – a great opportunity for young people who are interested in learning about the workings of a theatre production. Everyone is welcome with or without experience, previous productions included participants aged from four to 84. For non-residents, Market Hall is the famous old building which stands in the road where the High Street, Church St and Broadway meet.

The Amersham Martyrs Community Play has been performed twice already in 2001 and 2004 to massive acclaim. All performances were sold out and are expected to do so again next March when Amersham’s historic St Mary’s church will double-up as a theatre over several weekends. The production is being staged by Amersham Museum.

The Amersham Martyrs Community Play 2011 is again being directed by professional actor Stan Pretty who has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company during his long and distinguished career. In his introductory speech at the inaugural meeting Stan said, “We tell the story of the Amersham Martyrs, seven people in the early sixteenth century who were burnt at the stake up on the hill for their religious beliefs. But perhaps more importantly, we also examine how the dramatic events affected the people of the town. This may be a story about the past, but its relevance – how a major event can affect a community – is an eternal one and just as important to us today as any other time. A different crisis perhaps, but same dilemma.”

Henry Wizgier said, “To find out more about the play call 01494 725186 or email Its progress can also be followed by visiting

Chiltern Voice reported You Could Act As an Amersham Martyr in 2011.

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